Dentures are a removable plate or frame holding one or more artificial teeth.

When are Dentures needed?

Dentures may be necessary to replace missing teeth, which can present many problems for a person. Tooth loss can negatively affect a person’s smile, chewing ability, and speaking. Losing teeth also leads to bone loss. This can alter your appearance and reduce your treatment options for replacing missing teeth. To avoid these complications, patients should seek treatment for their tooth loss as soon as possible. Coastal Smiles Dental Care provides affordable high quality dentures. 

Dentures can be made to be fixed or removable. Fixed use implants to stay locked into the mouth permanently. They can only be removed via surgery. Removable use suction and grip of the bone, remaining teeth, or implants for stabilization and retention in order to stay securely in place. Removable dentures can be taken in and out by the patient. Those connected to implants that can be removed by the patient are sometimes referred to as “snap in dentures.”

Types of Removable Dentures

Full Dentures
These support all of the teeth and are also known as “complete dentures”. These utilize suction in order to stay in the mouth. This why it is very important for your dentist to make a well fitted set custom to you. This will help you talk and chew and also helps recreate your smile.

Partial Dentures
These replace some teeth, but connects to a patient’s remaining teeth.


What Do Partial Dentures Look Like?

Removable partials are either made with a sturdy metal base or a flexible base.  Flexible partials cost the same as a conventional metal partial. The denture teeth are connected to a gum colored base to give a natural look. 

A partial for back teeth is important as it replaces the chewing ability that was lost by the patient. A partial that replaces some or all of the front teeth is important for a patient’s look and smile.

Immediate vs. Conventional Denture

An immediate is one that immediately follows tooth extraction. A conventional is one that is made after no extractions or many months after extractions. These are similar in cost, but the immediate will also include the costs of tooth extractions.

Schedule an appointment at our office for a full comprehensive evaluation to determine if dentures are right for you. You may be a candidate if you have multiple missing teeth. If you have an existing pair that are not fitting well, we are here to help. Symptoms may include: sore spots, a cut in the gums, a decreased ability to speak, and a poor diet due to an inability to chew. 

At Coastal Smiles Dental Care, we will make custom dentures specific to your mouth and needs. We will create a premium set at a very affordable cost. Give us a call at 239-394-3200!


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